15+ Examples of Good Explainer Videos: Learn from The Best of The Best

15+ Examples of Good Explainer Videos: Learn from The Best of The Best

You surely have spent a lot of time watching explainer videos, and today we will present you a few examples of good explainer videos! Watch and see how a professional explainer video should look like!

Feel intimidated by the thought of creating a new explainer video? Worried about how your new video is going to look? There is no need to be as this is your opportunity to get your content out there and present your company, brand or products to your target audience.

Besides the really big corporations that are familiar with explainer videos, small startups and a lot of lesser-known businesses are using them as well. Even if you don’t think that your product is not modern or cool enough to become a fancy, and funny explainer video, there is someone out there with a problem that can be solved by what you currently sell or offer. Sometimes, an easy and quick explanation is what someone needs to understand how your products or services solve a specific problem.

Producing an explainer video does not have to complicated. It is similar to putting together a presentation on Powerpoint. You are the one who decides what to say, record a voiceover and come up with a creative idea.

The explainer videos should be from 30 to 90 seconds in length or speaking in words, the written script should be around 200 words or less (depend on the type of video and the message you want to send). To get a good and positive feel for producing your own video, we’ve created a list of good explainer videos that can inspire you and motivate you to speed up the process and create one for your business or brand as well. We hope you will find something that resonates with your business so it can be a good example of brainstorming your own video.

In this article, we are going to present you more than 15 amazing explainer videos across different business industries including publications, media outlets, and much more. By watching these videos, you should have no troubles getting inspired to make a fabulous explainer video part of your promotional and marketing strategy.

Take a look:

  1. What is AI?
  2. Unroll.Me
  3. Yum Yum Videos
  4. PandaDoc
  5. Dollar Shave Club
  6. Mint.com
  7. What is an API?
  8. Spotify
  9. SafeDrive
  10. How Deep is the Ocean
  11. Final
  12. Pinterest
  13. Ethical Coffee Chain
  14. BriefMe
  15. Stitch Fix
  16. Munzit
  17. Water Mark

You can find and watch all of these videos on youtube.

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