Solar Products for Your Home

June 3, 2016 at 2:03 pm

Solar power is becoming famous these days, especially its use in homes. Most people prefer solar power to run different home appliances. Why? Because it is earth friendly and economical, and there is nothing better than harnessing sun’s energy to light up one’s home. Solar power can cut 50 to 70 percent of external power consumption, so it is basically a cost effective option. There are many ways you can use this miraculous natural energy in your home, including through solar panels and solar heat systems that generate electricity (power).

Solar Energy

Once integrated into the home, you can use solar water heating to heat the house as well as to generate hot water. The thermal energy can be absorbed from the sun through a collector mounted on a roof. This collector usually magnifies the heat and stores the hot water. This absorbed heat can be piped through radiators to deliver warmth and it can also be used to supply hot water. Solar water heating system not only allows you to save on electricity or utility bills, but also increase the value of your home.

Technology Behind Solar Power

The real power behind solar energy is the engineering and the science:

  • The solar electric panel uses photons to produce electricity. Specifically, Photovoltaic sheets are used to fetch the sun’s energy. One can place them on the roof or any other place with complete sun exposure. When the light photons hit these PV panels, they stimulate electrons in the material used to build them; this energy is then taken as electricity.
  • The solar energy is converted to electricity through a customized grid system which is similar to the typical grid system found in most of the homes, with the exception that it likewise converts solar energy. This particular grid system is incorporated with a meter that reads how much solar energy is utilized in a home as compared to the general electricity.

Bottom Line

Solar ProductsMost solar systems are also capable of storing solar energy; if the solar energy is generated more than required, then it can be used at a later time to generate hot water and heat rooms. It can likewise be used to light your home. Why people prefer solar energy even when it is an expensive setting? Actually, the upfront cost is undoubtedly more from the regular electric energy, but the cutting costs are the main advantage of solar power systems. By 2020, the solar power systems will become common in every single home (stated by the US Department of Energy).

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