What Affects the Length of Explainer Videos’ Script

What Affects the Length of Explainer Videos’ Script

How long your explainer video script should be? What type of factors affect the length of explainer videos’ script! Read this article and find out!

Coming up with the perfect script for your explainer video is not easy and you know it! There are so many things you have to consider and script length is just one of them!

In this article, we are going to discuss what type of factors affect the length of explainer videos.

  1. Type of the script: monologue or dialogue – Usually, the explainer videos are monologues and that is one of the reasons why most of the explainer videos are short. The monolog voiceovers are a conceptual narration of a certain product in an explainer video, however, dialogues should sound as natural as possible because they must give the audience an impression that such situation is likely to happen or already happen in their lives. Also, the duration of a dialogue is usually longer than a monolog.
  2. The genre of the video: an explainer or a commercial – The voiceover in a commercial or advertising video you see on TV should be at a faster pace. This is because this video should induce more hype and provide an incredible experience for the audience. The explainer videos, on the other hand, are longer and more communicative in transmitting the information about related products to their target group. These types of videos are usually used by small businesses and startups that want to present new concepts in their offerings.
  3. The language it uses – In addition to the format or type of the voiceover (whether or video is going to be a monologue or dialogue) and the genre of the video (explainer or commercial) the language is also a factor in the overall script duration. According to a research, the slowest language in Europe is German and the fastest is Spanish. English is a language with an average spoken speed.
  4. Visual aspect – Besides these 3 factors, there is one more factor that affects the length of the script of explainer videos. Visual factors such as screencast tutorials can also impact the length of your video script. This is because the voiceover of the video has to adapt its speed to the screencast pace.

Now that you know what type of factors affect an explainer video script length, you can make a plan, and create the perfect script for your explainer video!

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