Zero Energy Home

June 29, 2016 at 10:44 pm

Zero Energy HomeA zero energy house is a building structure that has a total energy consumption (power intake) of zero. The term “zero energy” is fairly ambiguous, and can be used in many different scenarios. Commonly, a zero energy home will have few or no greenhouse and carbon emissions, will generate all its own energy through green or renewable sources. It is a myth that a zero energy house has no power, devices, or electricity that utilizes energy.

Zero energy houses, in most cases, have all the appliances as well as the comforts of modern homes; for example, lights, refrigerator, washing machines, heated water, and more. A zero energy house is recognized not by the absence of energy-using components, but rather by the source from which energy is derived, and a system for generating or replacing energy without creating energy emissions.  Our homeowners’ association president who owns a local company and he and his wife have created a zero energy home in our neighborhood by investing heavily in solar investments over the years.  You can learn more about his story and his company here.