How to Make DIY Solar Panels

May 25, 2016 at 1:33 am

DIY Solar PanelsCurrently, two sorts of solar panels are present on the market; solar panels based on photovoltaics and those that employ thermal energy from the sun. Making solar panels based on photovoltaics is a difficult task. Since making silicon based semiconductor material requires clean room technologies, which is not possible with home craftsmanship. The best bet is to consider making DIY solar panels of thermal heat design. They can be built from affordable material and can be designed for large scale, and there are a lot of free plans available on the internet.

Uses of DIY Solar Panels

Solar collectors or DIY solar panels do not generate electricity, so their uses in homes is limited. They are usually installed on roofs of buildings and houses to heat water, which is often connected straight to the home water system, removing the requirement to heat water using electricity or natural gas. They are likewise used to heat outdoor pools as independent water systems. The heated water can likewise be used in radiators to decrease heating costs.

Solar Thermal Collector

DIY solar panels (solar collector type) generally have a rectangular or square frame that is secured with a dark layer of glass or plastic that permits light to enter in short wavelengths, such as yellow and blue, and capture the less dynamic red wavelengths that leap off the interior, just how a greenhouse works. Inside the property, a piping system is installed on top of the reflective material as well as uses standard PVC pipes, copper, or steel tubing loaded with water. The water in the pipe is heated by the thermal heat captured from sunlight. This water, can then be moved to a pool, or pumped into the home water system.

These types of systems are usually custom made, to suit needs and desire. To build your own DIY solar thermal collector, you need to first decide the size as well as the design. For visual instructions, look for DIY video on YouTube; it is not that hard once you understand the concept.  The main thing required is a lot of time to properly research the best way to make the solar panels.  Above all else, make sure you are working safely, and always consult a professional if you are not sure.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

On the other hand, Photovoltaic solar panels can be constructed from the small collection of pre-made solar cells (easily available online). You first need to invest in working solar cells as well as on the electronic tools to link them up into bigger power generating units. Therefore, solar thermal collectors are more practical approaches when it comes to making DIY solar panels.

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