Solar Power for Your Home

May 27, 2016 at 1:55 pm

solar homeGenerating solar power is a complex task in a renewable system. It requires an ideal location where the sun shines throughout the year; much like the photosynthesis process by plants. Apart from this, the expenses associated with the hardware required to generate solar electricity might be excessively costly for many households, but the good news is that many companies offer payment plans!  This can make even a complex system quite affordable.

Solar Panels

If you want to generate solar electricity, the first thing you need to do is to purchase a solar panel. Actually, you might need more than one solar panel, and it depends on your electricity needs. Keep in mind that practically it is impossible to use solar electricity for all the power needs; however, they are very useful in a few applications. Nevertheless, a family can take their home completely off the grid, from the electrical point of view.  Our neighbors, who own Lakeland Tree Arbors, have invested more than $20,000 in solar products over the past 5 years and have essentially no power bill today.  Their roof is completely covered in solar panels, but it has been well worth it for them.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating of water is extremely popular, as well as a common application for solar power. These heaters are a great way to reduce electricity costs in your home. You can heat water through solar power and when there is insufficient amount of solar power, you can heat the water through electricity. So basically, you need both electricity and solar power options in order to get hot water throughout the year. One thing should also be noted that current day solar panels are technically more advanced than previous ones, as they don’t need complete sun exposure to generate solar power, however, more advanced solar panels are more expensive.

Wireless Lighting Systems

You can also use solar electricity in your home through wireless lighting systems. These systems capture sunlight and generate solar electricity in daytime and store it in batteries. At night, the lights automatically turn on due to a photo eye sensor that senses darkness. We all know how much electricity is consumed by outdoor lighting system, so utilizing solar electricity will allow you to save more on electricity bills.

Solar PanelsBottom Line

If you want to power your complete home with solar electricity, you need to do a lot of things to generate sufficient amount of electricity. Purchase appliances that can run without gas such as oven, stove, and heater, and then estimate the power consumption of your home to buy a sufficient amount of solar panels. Powering a home through solar energy requires investment of at least $10,000; however, this upfront cost will be recovered over time. And you also have DIY solar panels as another option to save money. Investing in the clean energy will not only benefit you, but will also be advantageous for the environment.

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