Where To Find The Best Free Explainer Videos Templates in 2018

Where To Find The Best Free Explainer Videos Templates in 2018

Explainer videos can be a great tool to help you promote any business, product, service or idea but there is no doubt that they can either cost you a lot of money and save you time, or save you money and cost you a lot of time, and if you are a start-up or someone that can’t afford to break bank for a video, then the choice is clear. If, apart from not wanting to spend a lot of money you also happen to have no experience in creating videos, then using a template is the perfect way for you to get exactly what you want with minimal effort, and luckily, free explainer videos templates are everywhere nowadays and in this article we will give you a few suggestions, so keep on reading.


The best way to get someone interested in a product is by capturing their attention, and this template is a great tool to use to create an explainer video that will do just that. Use the Cinematic Action Trailer to create a video that is dramatic and cinematic at the same time, while also looking very impressive and engaging. This template is perfect for promoting movies, trailers, dramas, and pretty much any cinematic and epic project that you want to promote without spending too money, but still ensuring that your video will be attractive enough for customers to actually see. All you have to do is upload your images and alter the text to suit them and choose the right music to go with it, because that can change the whole vibe of the video, and you will immediately be able to see the finished result.


The thing that most people use these explainer videos for is to promote their company or business, in one way or another. The Company Introduction Template is a great tool to use in order to create a video that is simple, but can introduce your company in an exciting way, while also presenting your goals and achievements. With the template, you can create a short business intro video, different types of presentations, a product introduction video and so on and the great thing is that you can also spice all of these up with a bit of color. The process is pretty much the same, you just upload photos and change the text to suit you and you will find that you can create a video within minutes.


This is another great template to use if you are looking to create a cinematic film title or a movie trailer. Across The Universe is a very inspirational and high quality theme, which somehow still manages to be flexible and have a very realistic appearance. This free explainer videos template features particles that float through outer space and since it is as cinematic as it is, it would be a great choice for creating videos suited for some type of opening, ending and pretty much anything in between. You just need to customize the text and you will get a video that is unique, but professional looking in just a few minutes.


As the name itself suggests, the Real Estate Realtors Promo template is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to promote your real estate services and the properties that are listed at your company. Creating an explainer video like this can really help you stand out amongst your competitors and give you that unique edge. With the help of this template you can advertise corporate business services, insurance, broker’s agencies, real estate and much more and all you have to do to create a great video is to type in your text and get to work.
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There is nothing that a template can’t make simpler, and that is also definitely true when it comes to explainer videos. There is definitely something for everyone, even on this short list and it is ultimately up to you to decide which free explainer videos template will give you the best results possible.

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